Friday, January 7, 2011

New Hair!

After 68 hours I finally was able to wash my hair. I was supposed to wait 72 but I couldn't handle it anymore so I washed it when I got up this morning.

Not only is my hair silky soft and smooth, but I was able to make it look like this in less than 5 minutes. I simply blew it dry fresh out of the shower.  What I did is called the Keratin Complex or Skinny Hair. 

These pics are from Jared's phone so the color is a bit off, but you get the idea. Calics and fuzz are gone! I could stand in a steam room and it wouldn't change much!

If you'll remember, humidity was not my friend. This pic is at a wedding outside and it had rained all morning. My hair looked super cute when I left the house, and then this happened:
Such a cheesy picture! 


Mindy Jo said...

Looks great Shannon!!!

Alisa said...

you look beautiful!!! and your hair looks so skinny =)

Twisted said...

It looks silky. Don't be surprised if a lot of hands run through your hair on Sunday.