Thursday, January 6, 2011

Favorite Products of 2010

I'm always looking to try new and exciting things that people love.  So here's a blog that reveals and reviews some of my favorite products/services of last year.  (These are simply things I used, not necessarily new products to 2010).

-I have super dry skin, as do my babies. Winter is usually the time we struggle the most. This winter I have been slicking us down with baby oil fresh out of the bath. Before you dry off, try slathering yourself in baby oil and then pat dry. It has kept the kids' eczema under control and I don't have the itchy scratchy skin of winter that usually takes over by now.  If you're worried about spilling the oil, you can try the new baby oil jell and it works the same!

-Bare minerals!  I love love love bare minerals.  I started using them and I will never go back!  I highly recommend going into one of their stores, having someone tell you what you need and then buy it off eBay.  I saved 30% at least and I love all of it.  Before you get all worried about the cost, I can promise you that it works out.  Whatever you spend at Wal-mart is about what you would spend on Bare minerals simply because it last SO much longer.  It's not a 1 to 1 ratio.  My foundation lasts 6 months with bare minerals.  

-For simple dish washing I have become a big fan of Cascade Action packs.  The older two boys have started loading and unloading the dish washer and I have no worries about over dosing each cycle with these.  My dishes are clean and I am happy :)
-In the last year my face got the impression we were going through puberty again.  I have struggled more with acne this last year than I ever did as a prepubescent child.  I had tried Proactive and it helped but I'm not a big fan of having stuff shipped to me until I cancel it.  I always end up with months worth before I get around to canceling (Can you say Gevalia?).  So I started with Wal-Mart's version AcneFree.  It's a 3 step process and I always ran out of step 2 and didn't want to purchase the whole thing again.  Thankfully, they started selling step two all by itself and in a huge bottle.  So my face is back under control thanks to Acne Free Oil Free Purifying Cleanser.  I can get an 8 oz bottle for under $6 (vs $18 for the 3 step kit).

-I have poo problems.  Sorry, but it's true.  Thankfully this year I was encouraged to try Acidophilus Pearls.  I am cured.  You cannot fathom the life long issues I have had.  The tests I've endured, the meds I've taken.  The horrible cramps from the meds etc.  I can only imagine what I now experience is "normal" and I have no cramping, no misery.  Thank you LORD!

-I am always working towards nice teeth/breath.  It's kinda a thing with me.  I want Jared to have a nice smile and I really would like to be the owner of one myself.  It's not a vanity issue.  It's a hygiene issue.  Bad breath is not conducive to face to face interactions.  It could seriously be a turn off to ministry.  No joke!  So here's my favorite mouth wash.  I believe it not only has whitened our teeth, but it seems to promote yummy smelling breath!  Listerine Whitening Original Pre-Brush Rinse.
 -For all you fellow frizz heads out there, Redken Smooth Down Heat Glide is a great product.  It comes in a 5oz bottle and it will last you a year or more.  I use it daily and have had it for 4 months and there's barely 1/4 of the bottle gone.  It will last forever and it rocks!  It not only protects your hair from a flat iron but it gives a nice shine.  I love this stuff.

-Got dry hair?  Another product I use about twice a week is Potion 9 by Sebastian.  It's a leave in conditioner that makes your hair silky soft.  I use a flat iron most days and that can be devastating to hair health.  This restores moisture and prevents breakage.  It's a great product and like the Smooth Down, it lasts forever.  One tube lasts me a year.

-Our house has A LOT of traffic.  Between 2 cats, 1 dog, 5 kids, 2 adults, and weekly bible study there are countless feet that cross our path.  Our carpet is 7 years old and I do my best to keep it up.  It would cost thousands to re-carpet our house and while I know it will have to be done eventually, I do what I can to postpone it.  Brooke's Chem dry is my hero.  In our 7 years here we've had them out 4 times.  I would love to do it at least once a year but there always seems to be more pressing things for our fundage.  Kenny is the guy who typically does ours and he does a great job.  If you need carpet cleaning and want it done right give them a call and tell them I sent you :)

This is just an image, not an actual link.  The link is in the paragraph above.

I'm sure there's more, but I want to keep this a somewhat reasonable length :) Do you have a fav product or service? I shared, your turn! Leave a comment!


bad breath said...

When I notice a client has halitosis/bad breath or complains of post nasal drip and tonsil stones despite having healthy teeth & gums, my advice is they visit the site of Oraltech Labs. I can report clients return visits have undetectable Halitosis/bad breath. So if all else fails try them. USA & UK. Association of Dental Health

Anonymous said...

I'm considering having our carpets cleaned, so I looked at the site you suggested. Which of the three levels of service did you have? I have a particular stain area, would it be extra? I plan to call them, but just wondered what your personal experience was.
Thanks, Gina

Shannon said...

Hi Gina, we had PERT for pet stains and we also had scotch guard in all the rooms. Both are extra charges. I can tell you that they used the Pert in several spots due to a cat issue, and with both treatments they did our whole house including stairs for $250. The best part was after they were done, we noticed the cat spots weren't 100% better so they came back out at no additional charge and said to feel free to call again. They are so friendly and eager to do a good job. Hope that helps. BTW they'll come out and give an est. free of charge if you'd like to have a more concrete idea of the cost.

Anonymous said...

Thanks, Shannon. That does help. Looking forward to seeing you at women's retreat!