Friday, June 13, 2008

Finally Gave In

I called the doctor and they asked me to come in for more lab. I went yesterday and received the results this afternoon.

My HCG levels are lower now than they were 10 days ago. The nurses assumption is they caught them on their way down and we are in the process of a miscarriage. The only problem is I have zero cramping or bleeding. I explained that my symptoms have not gone away so she decided to talk to my Doctor.

She called back and they offered to do more labs in a week if I don't start my cycle on my own (I am now 6 days late). She also said I could do another home test this weekend just to see. The only other thing I can do is take a medication to force my cycle and I think I'd rather just wait it out. The truth is we don't know for sure what is going on.

We still plan on a 5th baby and believe that's what is right and good for our family. I am really eager for this, whatever it is, to come to a close so we can work toward our future little bundle. I would greatly appreciate your prayers for Jared and I as we work through all the emotions of this uncertainty.

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Jenny said...

I'm so sorry. I am praying for you guys!