Monday, June 9, 2008

Updated Confusion

As I wrote in my earlier post entitled "Confusion" there hasn't been much clarity in this month's quest for babydom. I actually had a positive pregnancy test a few days ago. Needless to say I was thrilled and couldn't sleep that night. I decided that since the line was faint I would retest in a couple days for extra insurance. That test was negative! No joke. It was a different brand and each brand reads different levels of HCG so it could be explained I guess.

I was actually due to start my cycle on Sat or Sun and still haven't obviously or the confusion would be over. I still feel pregnant. I have a lot of symptoms but the main one is my hip pain. I have sacroiliitus and it only causes me issues when I'm pregnant. I have been struggling for the last few days. Saturday was bad enough that I couldn't sit without discomfort.

I could list for days all the little twinges and pulls, swellings and soreness, but the problem is the stinking tests! I've read all kinds of things on the internet. The main one being false positives are rare and false negatives are rampant. My main concern is the nurse had said when I had lab work that my progesterone was extremely low, too low to sustain a pregnancy. So what's going on? No cramping or bleeding just 1 positive test and a negative one.

My plan is to call the Doc and ask for more lab work, but honestly I'm gun shy. Part of me just wants to wait this out. A lot of people don't have positive tests until they're several days late. I had one maybe I just need to wait and there will be another in a few days...

Ugh, I covet your prayers. I honestly don't want to obsess about this. I have 4 beautiful babies that I am loving on every moment of every day. If I'm not pregnant, fine. We'll just try next month. If I'm losing this pregnancy, okay...I'll be okay. God is good and He will sustain me. If I'm going to have a healthy pregnancy can I just know already!!!

Maybe I will call the Dr. Hopefully he'll put me out of my misery.

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