Thursday, June 26, 2008


It's funny how impatient I become when I get my mind set on something. I am so eager to find out who this little person is God is going to bring to us.

I am doing the best I can to get ready for the pregnancy as well as the baby. I am starting the Core Plan for Weight Watcher's today. It's a very healthy way of eating without limiting quantity. It will help me maintain my weight during the pregnancy making it easier on my hip and easier on the post pregnancy weight loss.

The boys will start their school year on Monday. The idea is that if and when we get pregnant the boys will have completed their year when he/she gets here and we will have a couple months to get used to the new addition before the next school year. Brennan will be in 2nd, Tanner 1st, and Elijah kindergarten. We just got all our books in this last week and I am eager to get started.

It's a little intimidating thinking of schooling 3 kids but hey, that's just the beginning. Eventually I'll be doing 5!

I've also been taking all my vitamins. I'm really bad about taking prenatals during my pregnancies. A lot of it was just not being a good pill taker and now with my thyroid disease I have to take meds daily and that helps quite a bit. My OBGYN suggested I start the prenatal vitamin as well as taking a folic acid supplement daily. I've been on both now for a little over a month.

It's been fun picking up maternity clothes here and there. I was able to find several pieces at the Goodwill. Someone my size must have just donated a bunch because I struck gold. There were a lot of Gap and Mimi maternity pieces all for $2-$3 a piece. Then at Target I picked up 2 pairs of jeans for $6 a pair. It also helps that I LOVE knit (soft) clothing and a lot of it will fit with a big ol' belly.

Now, if we were just pregnant :)

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