Sunday, June 1, 2008

Encouraging Words

I have to admit that I am already on the defensive.

-My poor brother in law almost had his head bitten off by a simple statement he made at a ball game. We were in the process of the leaving the T-Bones game and rounding up our boys when he simply said,"I know what we need! We need another kid!" It was a little hairy getting the boys and all our stuff ready to head out for a long walk back to the car at 9pm and I really felt like we were all doing really well. I immediately assumed this comment was an affront to our plans to expanding our family and left upset and bitter. After calming a bit I decided to talk to him the next morning to find out this was something he teased his wife when everything was at it's craziest to be funny. He then went on to tell me how much he admired Jared and I and if anyone could do it we could. What a precious thing to say.

-The other night a friend of ours came over that I haven't seen in quite a while. He just sat down with me and said, "So, what's been going on with you?" You all know that's dangerous :) I started talking about our plans and how we felt God had called us to this place. He sat and earnestly listened with a precious smile on his face. He went on to say how happy he was for us and wanted to know if we thought about more after #5. What!! More?? You don't think we're flat crazy for wanting to have 5? I couldn't have been more touched by his sincerity and trust that we were doing the right thing and that we would be successful.

-Jared has expressed our desires with the Elders as a whole during a meeting and they were supportive and loving. Jared said that during prayer they even prayed for our new baby and for me.

I am constantly met with love and joy at the idea of adding another Altic to our clan. I know that there will be those who don't understand but I am so thankful that right now we are being showered in love and understanding. It is such an encouragement. I believe that God speaks to us through His people and right now He's telling us we're in His will and He's soo excited.

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Anonymous said...

I was thinking of you and wondering out how your Dr. visit went while we were in Florida. So glad to hear the good news for you and your family. We will cover you in prayer sister!