Sunday, June 22, 2008

Mmmm Blankies

Now that we know for sure we are going to try for another bambino I have started the search. After Graham we (meaning Jared) was so sure we were done that I had a garage sale and sold a lot of our baby clothing and odds and ends.

My sweet friend Michelle said she thought another baby might be in our future when I was organizing the sale last year and sobbed while sorting the baby things.

My favorite baby item in the world is the Carters/Baby Gap/Children's Place knit blankets. They are usually adorned with precious little characters or pictures on one side while having a solid color on the other. If you really feel them they are 2 layers and bound with a matching fabric.

They retail for as much as $20 each but I search garage sales. I found one last weekend and my mom called and said she'd picked up 3 of them!!! They are absolutely perfect for nursing, snuggling, covering a carrier, sleeping, or any thing else you can think of. They are the perfect size, perfect thickness, perfect softness and I LOVE them :)

If you see any while out and about for less than $5 I will repay you! Normally at garage sales I find them for $3 or less. I'll take all colors and patterns at this point. If we end up with the wrong gender they can easily be passed on.

Since this may very well be our last (how many times have I said that?) I may just hold on to all of them and make a quilt out of them for my grand babies.

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