Monday, June 30, 2008

Pink Would Be Good

I have been thinking about our future baby and I've decided it needs to be a girl. For medical reasons only of course.

Our little Graham was sitting at the bar the other day eating his lunch. He asked if he could have peas. I opened up a can and gave him a few spoon fulls. The phone rang and then the next thing I knew Eli said Graham was bleeding. Apparently I didn't give him enough peas and he went into the can for some more. He almost removed the pad off his middle finger. It was bleeding so bad blood was dripping on the floor.

Yesterday he was playing upstairs and took his band aid off and then there was blood all over the white toy chest.

Today while napping he again removed his band aid and bled so much on his bedding that Tanner thought he threw up!

Needless to say he'll be heading into the pediatrician tomorrow, but in the meantime I've been worried about a blood disorder that runs in our family. It's a version of hemophilia called Von Willebrands. My grandfather and my brother both have it and it runs from the mother to her sons. My mom is obviously a carrier since my brother has it and so far none of my boys have shown symptoms. They have a 1 in 4 chance of having it.

I think we had him tested as an infant but we will revisit that test I'm sure. It's just bizarre how much that little wound has bled and it's not bad enough to need stitches. For now I bought some medical tape and we've permanently affixed a band aid to his finger.

Poor little guy. See with a girl there's no fear of this possibly life threatening illness and we don't have to deal with circumcision. It's a win win win :)

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