Saturday, June 21, 2008

There's No Place Like Home!

We arrived home yesterday evening. It is such a blessing to be in my house, with all my family and with the internet (I'm only kinda kidding).

Camp was good but very hard. The brokenness this week was overwhelming. We were dealing with mainly 12-14 year olds and some of their lives read like a horror story. It seems to be worse with each year and this week was a severe reality check. These kids are a good sampling of what life is for this age group. It's shocking and gives a feeling of desperation and urgency to save the youth of this nation. They are being abused, abandoned, used, forgotten, belittled, and that's just what they shared after a couple days.

The constant discipline issues was a little new to Jared. We had kids doing things that I wouldn't have ever even thought about and I was pretty creative :)

As a whole it was a good week and the missions time with Nathan S. was priceless and affected all of us including staff. God has really blessed him and his ministry. If your church is looking for a VBS or a revival or your camp needs a speaker please contact him. Your lives will be changed. He is on the front lines making a difference in children's lives.

Nathan will be at Deeper Life camp in July so if you have a JR/SR high student send them!!

We are thankful to be home and this week was a good distraction from all the chaos and emotions of last weekend. God was good and a lot of the physical pain subsided by Wednesday. I was able to focus on my older boys, the campers, and also bonded with some buddies who became great friends. God is good and His timing is perfect.

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