Saturday, June 7, 2008

To Do:

I have a list of things that I would like to have accomplished before our next member joins our family. Most of them are underway and the attic space was actually finished last week by my sweet father in law.

-Have my wall oven installed and functioning. We will now have 2 ovens for large family gatherings and large baking days. I often have something baking in the oven and have to sit it out so I can bake a batch of rolls or cookies. I can't wait!

-Start the boys on their next year of school and have it complete before birthday! I am in the process of ordering all their consumable books and we plan to start when we get home from camp here in the end of June. Brennan is in 2nd, Tanner 1st, and we're going to start Eli in kindergarten. WHOO! We've really been debating about Eli and he seems most like Brennan and super eager to read and write. I feel like it would really benefit him to encourage his desires to learn verses holding him off for a year.

-Rough out our attic space above the living room for easy storage and access to all the kids clothes etc.

-Paint and organize the nursery according to the sex of the baby. I'm planning on polka-dots. If it's a boy: blue, khaki, and green spots; a girl: pink, khaki, and lavender spots will adorn the nursery.

-Start Ramsey and stick to it religiously so we can afford peanut. Work fervently to pay off debt so an addition to the upstairs is possible. Thankfully the stimulus check has afforded us to replace a few things at home and get caught up on some bills. We are well on our way to freedom and hopefully a bathroom upstairs for 5 little (soon to be big) kiddos.

-Potty train Graham. He will be 3 or older when a baby joins our brood and I would really like to only be buying diapers for one. The sooner the better since we already have them budgeted I will just buy those adorable teeny tiny ones instead.

-Switch Graham to big boy bed. He has a bunk in the main bedroom where the other 3 currently reside. We've tried one night in the bunk and he stayed put but his desire to be a clown won over. Hours into the night he was still giggling and making his brothers roll hysterically in their beds. Poor guy, he's only 2 and already so funny. He's not mature enough to even begin to understand when it's okay and when it's bedtime!

I'm sure there will be more but this alone will take 9 mos to accomplish. It was my plan to paint our garage this fall as well but if we are expecting by then I may have to beg some church/family members for some help. I'm usually the painter in the family. We have a beautiful home and this worn out garage with peeling paint begging for attention. It just doesn't fit and I think it will improve the appeal of the entire property to just add some fresh paint!

I need to stop, I just keep coming up with things. Is it possible to nest before you even know if you're pregnant?! :0P

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