Friday, May 30, 2008

12 Years in the Making

This Sunday is my and Jared's 12 year wedding anniversary. It's unreal to me that we've been married that long. Just the other night we were talking about how it felt like it was going to take forever until we were old enough to finally be married (we started dating at 15).

In these 12 years we have given birth to 4 boys, buried 4 grandparents and my dad, suffered 2 miscarriages, graduated from college, found the church and ministry of our dreams, made amazing friends, deepened family bonds, and been blessed by 6 nieces and 2 nephews, bought our first home and made it our dream home, added 2 puppies, a fat cat and so much more. To say it has had it's ups and downs would be an extreme understatement.

The amazing thing to me is that through all of that we are just now hitting our sweet spot. My husband often talks about stick-to-it-iveness and that the joy and happiness comes in time. We had some rough times but honestly that is what has strengthened our bond. Through losing my Dad I gained a beautiful relationship with my husband. For the first time I could not stand on my own. I have always been strong willed and muscled my way through the toughest of things but this time I was powerless against this grief. The blessing came when my husband and my God sustained me through it all.

I learned to be completely vulnerable to the man who needed it most. I fell into him like I hadn't in 10 years. I feel so blessed by my life and none of it would have happened had God not gifted me Jared. Thank you Lord. I love you Jared Richard.

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