Monday, May 19, 2008

Have You Heard Yet?

I'm a health food nut. I was turned on to Hungry Girl through some people at Weight Watcher's. They send you daily email with great food finds and recipe alternatives for super fatty foods that we love. It really is an excellent tool and she offers points values for all her foods.

This morning I received my daily email and while reading it she wrote briefly about a study that shows how we eat could affect the sex of your baby. I was reading through it and had to giggle. People who have boys tend to eat poorly. Click here for the whole article. It's definitely worth a read!


jenny8675309 said...

hmm that is interesting. I have never heard that before.

Shannon said...

I just know what a pig I can be. It almost makes sense. But then I think of people I know with girls that don't watch what they eat at all and I end up thinking it's a God thing :)

jenny8675309 said...

I'm pretty sure it is a God thing :)