Saturday, May 24, 2008

Babies, Sex, Baseball, and BBQ

-Thanks for commenting so much! I love it. It makes me want to ask all kinds of questions to see what you'll come up with. I'm going to have to run all your ideas past Jared. If you haven't commented yet please do.

-We had an encouraging evening last night. We took the whole family out to the Great American BBQ. Our neighbors compete each year and invite us to their dinner party. It was a beautiful night. We're dedicated to getting our finances in order so in order to go we dumped the change jar. We took a baggie of coins and let the boys pay ($20). They thought it was cute. The boys stayed right with us and had multiple compliments on their behavior and manners. One lady at a booth with candy said the boys were the first to ask permission and then thank them for the treat. Yay boys!
We had a discussion with the kids that the carnival rides weren't an option this year and we were so blessed just to go. They all agreed and not 1 of them asked for anything for the 3 hours we were there. Not 1 thing. I am still in shock :)

-I am beginning to realize that having a larger family isn't so much about what the kids miss out on as much as it is how very much they appreciate everything they receive. One of my goals is to raise children who are content and respectful and it seems so far so good.

-Tonight we get to go to a T-Bones game with our church. We were blessed to be provided tickets and the kids are giddy. It is such a family friendly event. We don't like baseball and we still have a blast. They have an awesome kids area and a tiny (short) concession stand where kids can buy things for $1. If you have an opportunity to go don't pass it up. You may just enjoy yourself :)

-I now know why Jared wanted to keep this baby business to ourselves. It has become a running joke with his family (including his mother, ewww). "I would have called but....," "Good night, have fun." "Have a great *wink wink* weekend." Wow, really? That doesn't creep you out at all? We all know where babies come from but do we have to talk about it...specifically?

-Baby making aside, Jared and I are so excited about this upcoming pregnancy. We actually had infertility issues in the beginning and went 4 years without a baby. So when Brennan came after a tragic loss at 13 weeks we were genuinely surprised. The doc said it may be difficult to get pregnant again. Tanner was a wonderful shock just 14 mos later. We decided to hold off for a bit (if not forever) while coping with 2 so close. I became pregnant unexpectedly and then miscarried. After the miscarriage we thought it wouldn't have been so bad. We decided to go ahead with a 3rd only to find out we were pregnant only 1 month after the miscarriage. Graham was a complete shock when I found out I was nearing 12 weeks. Basically this is the 1st time we were able to sit back, take inventory and really seek God's will. We are about to have a planned pregnancy :)

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mpence said...

Sounds like a great day! I am so glad that you got the go ahead from the dr...that in an of itself is pretty rare! Most people I know have drs who tell them that their bodies just can't handle having x number of children, etc, etc, etc.

You have a beautiful family! I hope you get that BFP soon! (And I hope to be joining you with it as well!