Wednesday, May 28, 2008

It Seemed I was Too Far Gone...

I apologize to those of you who read both of my blogs for the double post. I just feel like this song sings the anthem of my heart. I feel like I can be more candid here than I can on myspace. If you've read my previous post "Peace is Mine" you have an idea of the transformation that is happening in my heart.

I am filled with joy. It's been a little scary because my emotions usually reach a high and then drop to a serious low so I've been waiting for the lull. The awesome news is that I am stronger with each new day. I feel like this song word for word tells of my story and where I am now. I will have ups and downs but the difference is that I am standing on my solid rock of Christ and even things that would have rocked me before can not move me because of my Anchor.

There have been several things come up about my dad that would have crippled me just a couple weeks ago. The difference is that I am being healed and I can now grieve my Dad appropriately.

"Bitterness has plagued my heart,
many times before,
My life has been a broken glass,
that I have kept restored,
of all my shattered dreams,
and though it seemed,
that I was far too gone,
my brokenness helped me to see,
it's grace I'm standing on"

Thank you Lord for your healing and your peace. I know now that I can walk strong into the joy of another baby without fear or concern. I have heard You and I accept Your Grace! Thank you for giving me Your JOY and Your happiness. They are so amazing compared to anything I had ever imagined. I will stumble I will fall, I will make mistakes and have heart aches but I WILL NOT BE MOVED!

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