Thursday, May 22, 2008


Today was the day. Jared and I had both worked ourselves up over this appointment. After my previous post I had really decided that if the doctor gave us the go ahead it would just be beautiful icing on the cake. I felt like the gift that I received through reconciliation was such a blessing there wouldn't be much that could take that new found joy.

My Dr is a precious man that Jared and I highly respect. He delivered Tanner and Eli and served as a sounding board and source of information and encouragement during Graham's pregnancy. We would have loved to have him deliver Graham but with no maternity coverage we couldn't afford his care.

We spent approx. 30 minutes answering his questions and asking our own. We talked about my Dad's passing, the births of our previous children. My weight loss, health, and hip issue were all topics of discussion.

He explained to us that he really felt Graham's birth was not a premature birth since he was 7 lbs. He said that he too would have progressed my labor and the main issue was that Graham was an unassisted delivery. Since he came into this world so quickly and without the Doc or nurse to help he fell onto the bed and aspirated the amniotic fluid. Our pediatrician had mentioned the same thing when he was born. Obviously our previous Doctor didn't want to accept fault so they diagnosed him as pre-term but then wrote off the bulk of our bill.

After our talk he reassured us that I am healthy both mentally and physically and the concerns we had were not unmanageable. He said that I am healthier than when I delivered the first two since I'm 80lbs lighter and couldn't see any reason why we couldn't have more.

It was amazing and the best part was yet to come. While we were talking he cracked a smile and said, "May I get this one?" We are so giddy. He explained that he would love to take care of me in my pregnancy and during delivery. He said not to worry about it financially. He teased that he's the boss and he would make sure it was "affordable."

I couldn't help myself, I jumped up and asked if I could hug him. What a blessing!

He said, "Let me know when we're pregnant, have a great weekend."

I am still in complete awe. I can't wait to see who God is going to add to our family. Will we have a ball team or a princess?

As we were leaving we went to check out and pay when he just gave Jared a handshake and said, "No charge today."

I do believe we have received an answer to prayer. Thank you Lord!

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Jenny said...

Wow. What a great great man you dr is. God is good!! Congratulations again! Love you!