Saturday, May 17, 2008

Reality Check

I've been on a pretty big high for a week or so over this. I think reality is setting in. I've been sick with the flu for 3 days and yesterday was my Dad's birthday. I made it through yesterday mainly because I was in bed most of the day. Today I made myself get up and around. I needed to bathe and my house was falling apart.

I spent some time on myspace and found a slide show my sister Heather put together of my Dad. I just wanted to take a few of the pictures and put them in my personal pictures and couldn't get it to work. The combination of all the emotion as of late, Dad's b-day, the flu, etc. something as simple as dragging a picture sent me over the edge.

My poor husband was a little more than concerned with my breakdown over a picture.

I'm better now. It was a little concerning to him since his main concern over expanding our family is my physical and emotional health. The flu + emotional melt down aren't really helping him feel confident.

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