Monday, May 26, 2008

Rain Rain go away...

Just for a day. That's all I want.

We have a large brush pile on the south side of our house. It is the location of my future garden. It has the perfect amount of sunlight and it has had brush burned on it twice a year for 4 years. I just thought it might be a little more fertile than the rest of our property. The problem is the brush pile.

It has been usually wet this year so each time we've tried to burn it wouldn't catch. Today was the day to burn since Jared's home. Yesterday I bought all my plants and seeds for my beautiful garden to be and I was hoping to break ground on it tomorrow. Since it's also been usually cool this weekend is supposed to be prime for safe garden planting.

This is our first garden and I decided to plant all kinds of veggies and a couple fruits to offset our expanding grocery bill. I have several tomato plants as well as an herb garden in the making. I am hoping to can a LOT of spaghetti sauce and salsa as well as pickles. I am really excited to get started and have the boys fully involved...if it would just stop raining for a minute.

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