Friday, May 23, 2008

A Rose by any other name...

What kinda names do you like? I have a link on the blog to the social security page. It has a list of the top 1000 baby names since 2000. Jared and I really like names that aren't in the top 100. Brennan and Graham are both way down on the list but Elijah and Tanner are much higher.

It's really funny to see the trends. Elijah became quite popular after the Lord of the Ring movies were released. I guess Elijah (the actor Elijah Wood) was more palatable than Frodo Baggins :)

We had a name for a girl from the very beginning of our parenting process. Annaliese McKenna. The middle name McKenna changed when my sister used it for my niece. It then became Annaliese Kathleen. Kathleen is my middle name and Jared and I love it. The problem is that I actually went through a kind of mourning process over not having a girl. Annaliese is the name of a child we didn't have. Now that we've decided to add to our brood the name Annaliese seems a little weird and I'm ready for something different.

We also have a goofy rule. We like for our kids names to have different beginnings and endings. If you'll note each child's name begins and ends with a letter that the other names do not share. So with Brennan all names ending in a "n" are out. Get it? The idea was that we would be able to say their names correctly verses calling them by a siblings name. It doesn't really help at all.

The problem with the rule is that by the time you get to #5 it really starts getting difficult.

Names I like:
Joel for a boy. It means The Lord my God. I love that his name would reflect our reliance on the Lord. I would use this as a first name or a middle name. I'm not sure what to pair with it.

Darby for a girl. I don't have a clue what it means. A family member of an old church member named their daughter that several years ago and I just loved it. I think it sounds quite Irish and matched with Kathleen would be perfect for a little redhead. Problem is we're not guaranteed a a redhead. I'm still the only one after 4 babies!

There's also the issue of children at church. We don't really want to duplicate. We loved the names Gannon and Josiah but now we have both at church and get to love them vs just the name!

I'm also fond of the name Avalon for a girl but Jared's not so much. I'm sure that we have plenty of time but it's so much fun and I love to hear people's ideas.

After all, Sonya named Graham. So if you have fun names you don't plan on using (or live far enough away it doesn't matter) or comments about the names listed let me know!


Jenny said...

I like Joel. I never really thought about it before, but, I like it.

Jenny said...

Ainsley. When I worked at the day care there was this little girl and that was here name. I always thought it was cute.


Jenny said...

Sorry for all the comments, but I keep thinking of things.

I love the name Mary. It's simple, and it's pretty. I would never use it tho because it is my aunt's name and I would never hear the end of it. LOL But I love it.

All Coop'd Up said...

Here are my 2 favorite girl names that Jerad will never let me use. (They don't start with J, :p) Lydia and Alivia.

Shannon said...

I love the ideas and the comments!

I too like Ainsley but Jared said it sounds like the name of a butler?

Mary is a little too high on list for my taste. We did talk about Moirah (moy-rah) which is the Gaelic version but she sounds frumpy and plain :0)

I have a girls name that we have liked since Eli that is super unique and cute but honestly I am afraid people would be like, "What?"

Joel is actually the name of a youth group kid that we have always loved. He's had a few kids named after him tho and we thought we'd wait until later to use it so it wouldn't all go to his head :)

I LOVE Alivia. I've never seen it spelled with an A (vs Olivia). I really like it!

All Coop'd Up said...

I think I got that from Maya's Cabbage Patch Doll and I loved it. Funny where you pick things up, huh?