Saturday, August 22, 2009


This is a story that begins in a Quick Trip (surprised?)...

My mom and I were out and about with the kids and Elijah needed to use the restroom. Since the 78th St QT was just around the corner I decided unselfishly to go directly there so my son could use the facilities. The pop I purchased was an ofter thought I swear.

Anyway, Eli was eager to head into the store with me while leaving his siblings in the car with my mom. He hopped and skipped along side of me. I told him to go ahead into the woman's restroom while I refilled my cup.

I feel the need to interject here. Eli is a strong confident boy but has a timid side. He likes to have me accompany him during basic tasks for back up. I encouraged him he would be fine since the fountain is located right by the restrooms.

He hesitantly went but returned immediately. "There's a loud noise coming from the bathroom, I'm scared," Eli says with a grin. He's unable to hold a straight face as of late regardless of the situation it's quite adorable. I went to the restroom and heard a noise of a water line that doesn't have enough pressure. It was a mild moan and I encouraged him it was nothing and to go ahead.

Trusting his mother he stepped into the restroom locked the door and within moments began to scream hysterically. Everyone in the store heard his cries for help. It was horrible. I ran to the door, desperately tried to open it but it was still locked. I began to panic due to his desperation and shrieking. I yelled out, "Open the door baby, open the door!!! I'm right here open the door!!!!"

I quickly realized I was standing in inches of water. I saw there was a faucet left on filling a mop bucket and it was quickly flooding the back of the store. I turned the faucet off and the door came flying open to the bathroom. My little boy was white with fear, shaking, and had tears streaming down his face. He immediately grabbed my body and squeezed my legs with all his might.

He was convinced he was about to meet his demise.

After Eli entered the bathroom the moaning from the water line became a loud shrieking noise and the walls began to rattle. Add to that the water from the mop bucket began to fill the floor of the bathroom.

I asked Eli,"Did the sounds scare you?"

Still panicked and crying he shouted,"Tanner said there is a monster that lives in toilets that comes up and eats you butt first!!! It's coming to eat me!" (as funny as that is keep in mind my 5 year old believed this with every fiber of his being).

Trying to calm him I said, "Eli, honey, that's just not true!"

He looked even more panicked and sick, he quickly retorted,"Tanner said you'd say that!!"

I'm going to start putting away money now for the therapy he will surely need later.


Anonymous said...

Oh, my goodness!!! I'm laughing hysterically! Cute boys!

Grandma Anita

Jen said...

HAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHA! Gotta love big brothers!!

Katie Franke said...

I'm laughing so hard, tears are coming out!!! I love your kids!