Monday, August 17, 2009

Growing Boys!

Monday my 3 eldest will start school! Brennan 3rd grade, Tanner 2nd, and Elijah K.

The boys have hit a growth spurt and are blowing me away! Tanner had an orthodontist appointment this morning in the monsoon. I told him he needed a pair of jeans since it was so nasty out. He went and grabbed the new pair I bought him at the end of the season a few months ago. They are a size 8 and he couldn't get them past his knees. I went and grabbed a size 12 that I had stored and the fit him perfect around the waist, bottom, and thighs. They're a little long but holy cow! He's apparently grown significantly over the last couple months.

We went through a stage where Tanner was taller than Brennan but apparently Brennan's had a growth spurt of his own and is now slightly taller than his younger counterpart.

It's funny to me to have them stand back to back. Brennan is built just like me. He is long legged and has a short waist. Tanner however has a long waist and shorter legs just like Jared. Jared is 6'3" and I'm 5'7" and we have the same inseam.

After the ortho appointment I ran through McDonald's for the $1 menu. It used to be really cheap to feed the kids that way but now that they want 3 things each it's becoming a little pricey! I figure I'll have to take on a part time job as soon as Sis gets older just to help pay for groceries :) !!!!!

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