Thursday, August 27, 2009

Dyson Vs Hoover

The boys and I are picking up the house before school and Elijah asked if he could sweep the living room. A year ago I picked up a Hoover Bagless Upright for the upstairs that has a telescoping handle. The handle allows the boys to adjust it to fit their height and makes sweeping for them much easier. Eli and I worked over the living room with the Hoover vac and this is what we recovered:

I decided to do a test much like the Kirby people do when they invade your home. I took my Dyson Absolute Animal over the same area briefly and came up with this (debris is on a standard paper towel):
Before you judge our nastiness I would like to say that with a family of 7, 2 dogs, and a cat I vacuum daily and this is standard fair for the living room, our main traffic area.

The Dyson picked up the same volume of yuck after it had already been vacuumed by the Hoover upright.

I would just like to say how thankful I am that my needle phobic husband did a study (where lots of needles were involved) at the Johnson County Clintrials to buy my pricey Dyson 2 years ago. I recognize that this is circumstantial evidence but I feel better about my babies crawling all over our carpet after the nasty has been extracted.

For those of you blessed to have a Dyson I highly recommend washing out the filter located here:

Otherwise your expensive machine will start giving you troubles and the suction that was so impressive at first will be a distant memory. I put mine through the gentle cycle on my washer once every 3 months and allow it to completely air dry (24 hours).

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