Wednesday, August 26, 2009

School Days, School Days

Isn't that a song?

We are in full swing! It's hard to imagine that I'll be able to keep things straight since there's at least 60lbs of books on my kitchen table.

I want to send out a huge thank you to Mrs. Jane D. who has generously handed down her Abeka books to our family. I've been actively storing her extras for years now and it's really starting to pay off. If I were to purchase the student and teacher's kits new from A beka it would run us $450 per child. Since Jane has given us so many odds and ends I figured that it saved us approx $200 for Brennan and $200 for Tanner. Thank you so much for showing your love for our family in this way! It has helped tremendously.

As I work towards organizing my small forest of paperwork I am in search of a program or something (if I knew what it was I wouldn't be looking for it :)) that would allow me to organize my curriculum books by lesson number.

I have 3-6 curriculum books per grade that each have different instructions for different subjects. Some start on lesson 1 others aren't introduced until lesson 15 or whenever. I find it very difficult to keep it all straight. There's reading schedules, spelling schedules, poetry schedules, seat work schedules, memory verse schedules all located in different places in different books.

I want a master curriculum for each grade that says in one place what is to be done on each day. I understand said book would be 8 inches thick but it would be so helpful verses the constant flipping of pages and frantic searches to see if I remembered to do everything for each child each day.

I have considered tearing apart my curriculum books and 3 hole punching them and organizing them myself but there are multiple lessons on a page and stuff on the back etc. So it's impossible with the materials I have.

Anyone out there understand my pain? Better than that do you have a solution? I was overwhelmed last year with 2 kids (can you imagine keeping 5 straight?) and found a book of Brennan's at the end of the year I forgot to introduce since it came in half way through the year. That was awesome. I ended up having him complete it over the summer. Surely there's a better way.

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