Saturday, August 15, 2009

I'm In Love

In finishing up the kitchen I needed a couple things to really feel completed.

First of all we had friends over for lunch last week and I realized my dishes no longer match. They are blue and white pfaltzgraff dishes that I purchased on craigslist 5 years ago. After talking with my spouse I decided to check out craigslist again and sure enough there was a beautiful set of red, gold, and cream. I have a set of 12 beautiful dishes from Target. They are amazing and they only cost $40!!

Second is our dining room light fixture. Our globes faced down and we had one globe that would work it's way loose on a regular basis. During cards one night it dropped down and about hit a card player. That gave me a convenient excuse to rid ourselves of the hazard :) I spent a couple days watching craigslist and found the perfect chandelier.

Now, if I could just keep the kitchen clean for more than 5 minutes I would take some pics to share the new space with my blog friends :)

I'll work on that today.

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