Saturday, August 8, 2009

Reunion Activities Part 2

Graham and Craig riding around on Uncle Craig's 4-wheeler. Graham was being super cute and coy. He wuvs his Uncle Craig.
Aunt Bernie brought a llama over for the kids to scare ;) The kids really thought it was super neat. I'm not real sure what the llama thought of the whole thing.
Hannah Jean was my best helper. She really stepped in and made our visit so much easier. She change diapers, pushed Anneliese around in her stroller, checked on her while she was napping. Camping with 5 young children is definitely a trying experience but my sweet Hannah made it so much easier.
The boys favorite part of the reunion was the rope swing. The kids as a whole spend the bulk of their time flying through the barn.
That would be Elijah in mid swing.

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