Thursday, August 20, 2009

It's Time

My sweet little girl is going to have to move upstairs to her own room.

She's 5 months old and really can sleep through the night if she wanted to. She was sleeping 12 hours or more before we went on vacation and now she's struggling to get back to that.

The funny part is she's not necessarily waking up for nourishment. She just lays in her bassinet chatting, cooing, and moaning. She talks and talks for about 20 minutes and then drifts back off.

If I'm desperate for sleep I can nurse her briefly and then she crashes back out. I know that this is a bad habit to get into. Putting her upstairs with a monitor that I can turn down a touch would help.

It's hard to imagine my tiny baby is already 5 months old and ready to go all the way upstairs. It seems so far to me :(

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