Wednesday, August 12, 2009


After blogging about our vaca I went into blog remission.

-There has been utter chaos around our house the last few days and I'm hoping for a quiet day at home to catch up on house work.

-I want to send out a HUGE thank you to our Pappa who came and mowed last night. We so appreciate your servant attitude and you are so very appreciated. We love you dearly.

-Tonight is our Fall Kickoff at church and the kids are giddy to go and reconnect with their buddies and play on some crazy water slides :)

-Everyone is gearing up for school and I'm in denial. We have about $500 worth of curriculum to buy in order to start the older two. For some reason I bought Elijah's last year so he's set. The kids' kits went up from around $160 each to $220!! Yikes! Add tax and shipping and you have $535. We were going to start on the 17th but we're going to wait a week so I can drive to Lawrence and purchase it directly from Abeka (they bring the materials to hotels on certain days for viewing). That saves shipping and hopefully the 10% sale on kits will still apply. Every little bit helps.

-As far as school itself I have some anxieties about schooling 3 and keeping everything straight. I struggled to stay organized last year with just 2. Their curriculum has so many elements it's hard to make sure they are doing all of it all the time and introducing the different books at the right time. It's hard to explain but trust me it's intimidating.

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