Sunday, August 23, 2009

New Normal

-The kids start school here at home and I will be educating 3 kids vs 2! I'm eager simply because I'm stressing over it and I know it will be fine once we get started. The remainder of the kids books are scheduled to arrive tomorrow so Tuesday is our Monday and we'll have school on Saturday this week to get a full week in. That's a benefit of home schooling! I get to plan the schedule.

-Tomorrow morning I'm going to start walking with Jess T. We tried last week but due to the monsoon season and scheduling conflicts we didn't succeed even one day. Anneliese is 5 months old and I have yet to start back to any kind of exercise. I am so ready. I love being fit and my current state is far from it :)

-I'm hoping to pick up a used exercise bike on Craigslist at some point. I would love to run again some day but my foot is still pretty achy and I thought a bike would be great for rainy days or simply for cross training. I would love a membership to the Y (ohh how I miss it!) but it's just not in the budget.

-We have definitely settled into 5 kiddos and I really believe this school year will be great. Brennan is so capable and eager, Tanner is reading well and will be much easier, and Elijah is extremely ready. I'm super thankful for a long summer to prepare and now LET'S GET STARTED!!!

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