Saturday, March 20, 2010

Arrruuuugahh!!! (Random seemed too repetitive :)

-I had the fun task of working over my closet this week. The word "fun" was not sarcastic. I removed all my "in between" clothes and filled the closet with my skinny clothes out of the attic. They've been up there for 2 years. I did fill 2 30 gal. trash bags for Goodwill. After being out of commission for 2 years some of it was out dated.

-While digging through piles of clothes I realized a couple things about myself.

1) I love jeans. I mean really love jeans. There's about 15 pair in my closet. I would like to say that I did not buy a single pair new. They are all Goodwill, garage sale finds and most are great brands and super cute! I love second hand clothes!

2) I love pink. I would venture to say 60% of my shirts/dresses/tops have some shade(s) of pink.

3) I love dresses. Again, I purchase all my clothes from second hand resources but I have a ton of dresses. I can't get enough!

-While explaining to Tanner that he had to write an essay on George Washington on Friday and one on Abraham Lincoln on Monday, we talked about the two presidents. He said he didn't really remember much about Abraham Lincoln. So I took a minute and told him what slavery was and how President Lincoln is remembered for abolishing slavery. Tanner looked at me with huge eyes and said, "He was such a good man!! That was SO wrong, Mom!" As much as I love teaching the children to read about neat things, it is really difficult to tell them about the really awful things that make up our history.

-Graham is going through an incredibly difficult stage right now. He's really been a breeze up to this point. We didn't struggle with the terrible twos that I can remember. All of a sudden he's stomping in anger when I tell him to do things. He ran from me at Wal-Mart yesterday, and he mumbles under his breath when we ask him to do things. Pair that with Anneliese finding her will and the daily disciplines in the Altic household are at an all time high right now! WOW it gets overwhelming at times.

-While the snow stinks (figuratively of course) it's temporary. We had a beautiful day Friday and I loved taking the boys to the Legends and letting them climb on the big turtle outside Books A Million. I am eager for Spring, bike riding, green plants, fresh cut lawns, birds singing, and the windows open. I have all kinds of plans for the summer. The garage is getting an overhaul (cleaning, paint), the decks are getting stained! What a blessing to own a home with a huge yard. I feel so blessed to have such a beautiful home and taking care of it (even cleaning out the garage) is a celebration of the blessing God has granted!

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