Monday, March 8, 2010

Random, It's All I can Muster

-We have the funk BAD. It all started when Tanner came down with a high fever Saturday. It has slowly worked it's way through all of us and since it hangs on a bit we're all down.

High fevers, bad cough, extreme fatigue and nausea.

Tanner's still struggling today so we know it's more than a 24 hour bug.

-On top of all this our older kitty Kayla is acting bizarre. I called the vet to see what they would need to do to make sure she has diabetes and the costs involved. We aren't real interested in keeping her around if she's in pain and miserable. It will be $120 to make sure what's all wrong with her and then another $42 if we put her down. Seriously!

Shockingly enough we don't have $162 to put into an 11 year old cat that has taken to pottying outside her litter box. She's losing whiskers and seems to have arthritis in her back legs as well as a number of other odd behaviors. Since we have multiple pets the non litter box use could cause a horrible chain reaction. Is it heartless to say that this seems like a 2 go out and only 1 comes back kinda situation?

-Tanner and Brennan have been invited to go see Diary of a Wimpy Kid. Jared and I really like for the boys to read the books before seeing movies based on a book. Brennan polished it off in a day and a half. I was a little concerned whether Tanner would be able to handle it since I still make him do all his reading out loud (an exercise that helps with dyslexia). He is doing fantastic and keeps asking on words he's unsure of. This is a great victory since he's the King of guessing. You can see his self esteem rise with each page turn. GO TANNER!

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