Friday, March 19, 2010

Leesy K Purse Giveaway Has CLOSED!!

Congrats to entry #22!!!

Amy C!


My favorite bag is the one we said looks like an apron. Although I am definitely a fan of anything involving Sissy's chubby little legs."

Thank you all so much for participating! I really appreciate it!

It was a little confusing at first because there were 3 comments that weren't actual entries. The winner was picked through

Thanks again!


Christi said...

Pretty sure I said she'd win. FIX!!!

Shannon said...

I thought you'd say that. I actually said, "Oh NO!" When I figured out it was Amy cause I thought there's no way I'd convince you it really was random!!!

Amy said...

:) Can't wait for my purse!!! It's much Springier than my current black leather one. Thanks!!!