Monday, March 22, 2010

What's Going On?

-Jared and I have decided with our felines we could really use a cat tree. I started shopping craigslist and such. Honestly I don't want a "used" cat tree. Ewww. A nice new one could easily run over $100. We carpeted this house and we have a ton of remnants and there is a bunch of wood out in the garage. Hmm I may just have to see what I can create.

-If anyone out there has gently used tiny little girl toys we're interested. Now that we're having bible study on Sunday nights there are two little girls that come play and we just don't have much. Thankfully after Anneliese's birthday we have a few more things but I would love a little kitchen, or any toddler stuff. Just let me know what you have and how much. Otherwise garage sales will be my friend this summer (like they aren't already).

-We are perpetually plagued by pests. Our trash cans are constantly tipped and our castoffs are drug all over the yard. It had gotten to the point that we were cleaning torn up diapers daily. Jared dowsed the cans with straight Ammonia and we're pest free! YAY! Just a tip in case you have also considered putting out antifreeze for the local wild life.

-CALLING ALL MOMS OF BOYS!!! Does your bathroom reek? Are you constantly searching for the source of the urine smell? Well I have the solution!!! While reading my bottle of OUT! Stain and Odor remover I saw a small snipit stating it could be used on tile grout. So I headed my happy self in to the bathroom and sprayed away. I soaked the grout around the base of the toilet and let it sit for 20 mins or so. After wiping up the solution my bathroom smelled fresh as a daisy! It's an enzymatic cleaner so it breaks down the urine and the smell. It's for pets but hey, my boys are a lot like animals :)

-Have I mentioned my love of Goodwill (lately)? Sunday I wore a beautiful dress that was from Anne Taylor. It was brown tweed, lined and a size 6 (honestly it could have purple with orange polka dots and I still would've worn it due to that beautiful digit). I paid $4.99 for it at Goodwill. It was missing a thin belt and I was able to pick up a leather brown belt at Forever 21 for $2 and topped it of with a gorgeous soft cashmere shrug I purchased on eBay for $5 (it was brand new!!!). It was quite the sophisticated outfit and cost a grand total of $12!! I took my "in between" clothes to Goodwill on Sunday to drop them off and went in to browse. I found 4 pair of capris from Banana Republic and an Easter dress for me and Anneliese. The total was $20. I honestly don't know what we'd do without second hand stores! LOVE THEM!

-Ozark Christian College's annual woman's retreat is coming up. It's April 23rd, 24th. I am going and plan on taking a group of women. Let me know if you're planning to attend asap so I know how many for the hotel reservations. I'm very excited!


Christi said...

I'm going. But, you already knew that.

Stephanie said...

We are working on thinning out our girls' stuff. As I get it all put together, I will let you know what we end up with that they haven't destroyed. My girls are as rough or rougher than boys some days. :) I know we will have some "Little People" stuff.