Monday, March 1, 2010

More Random Thoughts, It's Kinda How My Brain Works

-It's Me It's Me!! I won the super cool guitar from Alisa's blog. I am so excited and am eager to sign the older boys up for some lessons. I'm seriously considering putting them in front of YouTube but we'll see. What an awesome win for a home school family! The boys need music in the education and this is PERFECT!!

-Leonard and Bertha H. showed up at my house this morning with a 50lb bag of bread flour this morning. Seriously. How cool is that!! Get ready because Ms. Jess is already on her way over for a bake-a-thon. I'm not real sure what we'll do with all our goodies but I'm crust, hearty wheat loaves for french toast, rolls, ohh cinnamon rolls!!! ...

-Run Shannon, Run! Jess and I started the couch to 5K program this morning. We are planning running in a 5K in May. There's a great app for my phone that is just priceless. When I'm running is sounds an alarm over my music that says, "run" and then when it's time for the walking interval it sounds a different alarm and says "walk." It's super convenient when training in intervals. There's no need for a stop watch or keeping track of anything. I just run...then walk...then run according to the instructions. LOVE IT!

-It was super cold this morning but once I started running I warmed right up. I had forgotten how much I enjoyed winter running. This is my first run since pregnancy, postpartum and my broken foot. I'm breathing on 80lbs lost since Anneliese's birth and I know this will be the kick my healthy lifestyle needs to make to that final goal! I'm SO excited! For all of you sweethearts out there that keep saying, "80lbs! I don't remember you that heavy!!" Be prepared because there is a great picture of me in all my 3 chin glory that will be posted when I hit goal :)

-Did I mention my birthday is Thursday? :) I'm a little giddy over that as well. I get to have a whole day with the man of my dreams! YIPEE I can't wait!

-Oh and at some point we hit 42,000 hits! Thanks for reading and if you're not already a "Follower" please sign up on the right. It makes me feel better about myself :)

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