Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Happy Day Before My Birthday To Me

This is week is shaping up nicely :)

Sunday Ms. Jess and I went shopping in the afternoon to help her pick out some running shoes. She and I have decided to run a 5K in May so we started our training on Monday. A 5K may seem minor to some but I haven't run in close to 2 years due to pregnancy, postpartum and a broken foot. Jess hasn't ever been a consistent runner so we are starting from scratch. She claims she is dying :) but she keeps coming back for more. I'm confident we'll run the race and finish. She actually mentioned a 5 mile run in August this morning so she's getting into it more than she likes to let on.

While we were at the Legends we stepped into TJ Max and they had a slew of dresses. There were so many cute ones I kept saying, "I'd soo wear that!" Due to car tags a new dress was NOT in the budget. On Monday a birthday card came in the mail from Gene and Bonnie C. (precious couple from church) with a gift in it! So Tuesday I headed back to TJ's and picked one of the dresses and I plan to wear it tomorrow for our date day. VERY EXCITED!

It seems as though being at my Weight Watchers goal by tomorrow isn't going to happen. I've been really well behaved and even brought my own fat free dressing to Mazzio's on Sunday and chomped on a salad while everyone else (almost everyone Christie brought a sandwich, such a good girl!) enjoyed pizza. I'm not real sure why I'm on a 2 week plateau but I know it has to break eventually. Being good won't stay hidden for long just like being bad won't stay hidden for long. They both end up on the scale eventually!

So now I want to be at goal or below by Anneliese's 1st birthday. I am currently 9lbs lighter than I was when I got pregnant! I'm so stinking close!

Tonight the kids are heading off to Grampa and Grandma's. They are thrilled and keep asking how much longer they have until time to go. I was thinking this morning and while I can't wait to have a date with my hubby I will definitely miss my kids. Bringing them home tomorrow night will be the icing on my birthday cake.

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