Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Things I'm Lovin

-My Bissell Steam mop! I have a tendency to think, "ahh I don't want to mess with it." Then I just damp mop real quick but honestly there's just not anything to it. Fill the water chamber and plug it in. The floor is so much cleaner! Love that thing!

-Lean Pockets Soft Baked Subs Philly Cheese Steak with Chicken. They are 5 pts for Weight Watchers and SO good. A neighborhood grocery store was going out of business and had them buy one get one so I grabbed them all even though I'd never tried them. I figured in a family of 7 someone would eat them. They are so good I'm rationing them. DELISH!

-My iPhone. Seriously the best gadget ever created. The GPS is priceless. Even if I get lost following the step by step directions I can just hit edit, route, and it shows me how to get there from my current location. When babies are tired and I'm desperate to get where I'm going it's just awesome!

-Activia light and Fiber One. I have a new favorite breakfast. The Activia light is so good. My favorite is Key Lime. I put it in a bowl and add a 1/2 cup of Fiber One (original) and I get a boost to my fiber for the day and it's so filling. The best part is it's 2 pts for Weight Watchers and 16 grams of fiber! And well, it helps...you know...it helps.

-Thomas' Bagel Thins. They are all yummy but the "Everything" bagel thin is my favorite. At just 110 calories, 1g of fat, and 5 grams of fiber they are delish and 2 pts each (1.5pts technically).

-My sweet husband is shrinking. I know he gets embarrassed when the subject comes up so I'll be brief. I LOVE that he is making healthier choices for so many reasons. His health is an obvious one but I feel the whole family is healthier because mom and dad are being more conscience of our food choices. I'm super proud of you and so thankful for all your hard work!

-My baby's turning one in a couple days. "What's to love", you who know me may say. Honestly I'm okay. It's really okay. I love babies and have just cherished each of our babies' first years but I'm ready to move to the next stage. Our family is so complete and precious! I have yet to shed a tear over her turning one. Shocked? I'm a bit surprised myself!

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