Friday, September 10, 2010

Globe Trotter Has Landed

-Does anyone have an extra blow dryer I can borrow?  I left mine in Joplin and won't have it until the 16th.

-I'm a redhead!  That may not be a surprise to most but did you know I've colored my hair off and on for nearly 7 years?  It's true.  Long ago I decided to have some low lights put in to make my hair appear darker, richer.  The problem is once you start, there's upkeep.  I've tried different reds and always wishing to have my natural red back.  Over the years I have mourned my natural color  and was desperate to take back that day.

Well my wish came true!  Natasha D. had mentioned there was a process that removes color from hair and this weekend Wendy and I found it.  After about a hour and a whole lot of water and rinsing my hair is back to it's coppery beginning.  I was just thrilled.  I'm sure some day I'll get overwhelmed with gray and go the color route again, but for now I'm loving matching my precious daughter and niece :)

-Thursday early morning I headed to Joplin to spend some time with my friend Wendy.  While I was there I helped her clean out the fridge/freezer, organize her closet including new shoe racks.  I took her toilet completely apart and replace the all the interior mechanisms due to a leak, water running, and a weird noise when it flushed.  I put a new shower head in and extended the neck of the shower for her and her 6'3" hubby to be with a nifty "S" shaped pipe.  We dropped off a load of stuff at Goodwill and I have a huge bag full of cute clothes and several new pairs of shoes!  I would say it was a success :)

-My husband is so incredibly helpful.  I was struggling with the planes of movement in my studies.  He read through my text book until he understood it and then explained it to me.  I have so much more confidence now that I have this extremely important concept down.  I would not recommend taking a test after reading a text book.  Having an instructor that understands the content is priceless.

-As wonderful as it is to have the freedom to travel now that the kids are older, I'm glad to be home.  Seeing the beach was an amazing experience and I loved being able to help out my sweet friend, but I belong here.  There's nothing better than a day in my pjs refereeing the kids, doing laundry, and making dinner for Jared.  I love the life God has granted.  He generously provides for us and the family He gifted takes my breath away.

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