Saturday, September 4, 2010

Things Running Through My Mind

-Since when are wood stained cabinets "out dated?" I subscribe to a lot of different home decor, remodeling blogs and the theme as of late is white painted cabinets. I want to shout "NO!" Partially because our first 9 years of marriage were in trailers. Out dated trailers with almost black cabinetry with handles in the center of the door. I had to paint kitchens in two different trailers to update it. When we remodeled our home (7 years ago, where does the time go?!!) I was so excited when Gale R. started sanding our antique cabinetry to find beautiful wood underneath. To me: wood=house, white=trailer. This may be one update that I'll just have to watch from the sidelines.

-We just finished up week 2 of homeschool. I have really appreciated the writings over at The Homeschool ApologistThe writers have given me a sense of belonging.  I love being with people and sharing experiences, but for some reason I tend to isolate myself in certain areas.  I didn't realize how much I needed them until I found them.  They featured our very own Mrs. Jane D.  One of the bloggers (two different people contribute to the blog) has challenged "real" homeschoolers to stand up in this hilarious article.  I'm working on an idea for an article about a day in the life of the Altic Homeschool.  If you are interested in reading my ramblings about our schooling and my journey just type "school" or "homeschool" or "home school" in the search box.  I've been bad about tagging my articles with schooling and homeschooling so the tags on the sidebar aren't as helpful as they could be :)

-I ran my legs off this morning.  Today was a 3 hour run and I went with the comfy shoes over supportive shoes.  NOT SMART.  I got up at 5am and met Ashley B.  She ran the first 2 hours with me.  She was awful gracious when I kept whining about how bad my knees hurt.  By then end of the first hour I was in bad shape.  I had blisters forming on my left foot and my knees where insane!  My thought was: 3 hours, wear comfortable shoes.  The problem is my comfy shoes are completely worn out.  I dropped Ashley off at my house at hour 2 and ran into the house to get my Vibrams.  The combination of Ash finishing and my knees hurting I broke down.  I was bawling and telling Jared how defeated I felt as I rushed to change shoes.  I headed right back out the door and hobbled through my remaining hour.  The "comfy" shoes are going in the trash.  I ran 16.5 miles and I'm so glad it's over  :)

-Thursday I get to go to Joplin to visit my friend Wendy one last time before she moves to GA.  She asked if I would come and help her clean and organize to get ready for moving and to make room for her new hubby.  I was promised first dibs on closet overflow so I'm pretty excited.  I'm going to leave super early Thurs and then be home Fri afternoon.  I'm starting to feel a bit spoiled.

-I'm still plugging away at my studies.  The test is the 17th and I would appreciate prayer that my time studying would be effective.  It's really really really really hard to find any time to sit and focus with the kids.  Anneliese is my biggest issue, she's also the cutest :)  I'm trying to spend at least a hour a day reviewing and focusing on the hardest concepts.  Wednesday morning I have a "meeting" with the Director at the Y.  The position I want is still available.    They can't interview me until I'm certified but this is a chance to see what my responsibilities will be and what they will expect of me.  I'm excited and nervous.

-We have a Craftsman riding lawnmower for sale if anyone is interested.  It's 4 years old and I have the original paperwork etc.  It has a new battery and a 42" mower deck.  


Anonymous said...

I came across your blog from The Sweet Life's site. I hope it's not weird for you that a stranger is following your blog!! :) I was reading your posts about the C25K program. What inspired you to start running? Have you always been a runner? I want to start running SO badly, but I get tired SO fast!! Do you have any tips for a novice? Thank you!! :)
~Jennifer (Pidjen)

Shannon said...

Welcome Jennifer!! I have a couple followers that I don't know in "real" life. It flatters me that you'd be interested in my ramblings. Thank you so much for coming over :) I was a Weight Watcher and lost 86lbs so running is my weight management tool. I started about 8 years ago and have run off and on but this is the most "into" it I've been. When I started the C25K I was coming off a broken foot and severe baby weight gain. I was winded from walking (seriously). Your fatigue will lessen I promise. It's all about consistency. If you stick with it you'll see progress. It's when you start and stop a program that you stay in the beginner stage and feel tired and sore all the time. I don't feel muscle fatigue anymore unless it's a super long run. You NEED the Complete Book of Running for Women. It's a great resource :)

Jane said...

Thanks, for the note about the Homeschool Apologist article. They two writers were excited when they heard from you. Arby is local buddie of mine, I'll have to introduce you sometime.
How about Monday for the play date?
Also, thanks for the C25K reminder, I couldn't remember the program. Now, I have two dogs to take for runs - well, in a few months.
See you in the morning.