Wednesday, September 8, 2010

I Love To Stay At The...


I had my walk through at the Y this morning.  I have to admit I cried on the way there.  I had a busy morning with a 5 mile run and I misjudged the time it would take to get ready and get to Bonner.  So it was a bit of a rushed morning.  For some reason I had the time of my appointment in my head (8:30) and didn't take into account actually getting there.

I left the house with a partially wet head.  As I was  struggling to leave I couldn't find my purse, Anneliese was desperate for me to hold her, and Graham was begging for cereal.  It was chaos.  As I shut the door to leave Anneliese was crying, "bye, bye!"  She didn't want me to leave without her.  I could hear her screaming all the way to the driveway.

During the drive I started to shift out of "get there" mode and settle into "what am I doing" mode.  It struck me that if all went "well" this would be the first of many trips away from my family and towards the Y.  I started to cry and all I could think about was that little bitty redhead crying at the door. 

Please understand that I am not the stay at home mom that secretly wishes for a career and really can't wait until I can move beyond this stage.  That's just not me.  I honestly feel designed to be right where I am.  Home...raising my kids, and taking care of my husband.  It's my ministry, it's who I am.

The walk through went well, other than horribly uncomfortable heels.  The director was kind and informative.  He seems to have a lot of the same values and priorities that I do.  He is not a "meat head" but is more focused on over all health, supporting families, and connecting with the community.

I found out that I will be paid handsomely when I am actually personally training a client.  Otherwise, I will make a decent wage doing fitness evaluations and chatting with members building rapport.  I would be responsible to recruit my own clients and therefore in control of my hours and scheduling.  The problem is there is no guarantee of hours or clients.

It was a lot to take in. 

A gentleman walked in as I was about to leave that had just finished his ACE exam yesterday.  The director introduced us and I was able to pick his brain a bit about what to expect.  He also let me borrow ACE's flashcards that ACE produces to aid in studying.  They are about $40 so I haven't purchased them.  That will be a big help and I'm very grateful.

Right now I am going to pray about this position and focus on passing my exam.  None of it matters if I'm not certified. 


Eat, Fart and Bark said...

You are trying to help your family out financially. You are doing it for them. This is not a selfish move on your part. I think you will make a great trainer with your nutritional, diet control background. The kids will learn to mature in a new area of their life, seeing you stepping out to support the family in another means. It is hard when they don't want you to go. T12 followed the van through the neighborhood one time when I left for work. I cried all the way to town.
Stay strong. Hugs.

kcruthdaddy said...

God will unlock the door and you'll get to choose which one to go through (many times more than one is unlocked). Your preparation and test may be for a door other than a job at the Y, but God has not shown you that unlocked door yet. If your heart matches the priorities that you have shared then God has already blessed you and your family.