Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Work and Ankle Update

-I finally got the call from the Y.  I don't go in until Friday at 1:30.  I'm thankful for a couple days to rest with the family.  As much as I want to get paid started, I don't mind having this week due to my ankle appointments.

-Speaking of the ankle, I had an orthopedic appointment today.  I honestly considered canceling it since I no longer have sharp pain while walking.  I assumed I was getting better, but since I hoped to run the marathon in Nov. I figured I better go.  They took some more X-rays and the ortho doc that specializes in sports medicine is thinking I have a calcaneal stress fracture or severe tendinitis.  Unfortunately x-rays aren't much help when it comes to stress fractures since they don't show up until they're healing.  It's still really swollen and tender so he scheduled an MRI for Thursday morning.  If it's tendinitis I'll be able to run (as much as I can tolerate), if it's the fracture I'll be benched.  I'm not allowed to run at least until Tuesday when I go in for the MRI results.

-I couldn't be more thankful for my awesome new bike.  During my appt I was told I had to remain "under the symptoms."  Which basically means anything that makes it hurt is a no no.  He explained if I make it hurt I'm prolonging the healing process.  This morning I headed out for a ride on my new bike and was pain free.  It's obviously an impact issue.  During my 30 minute ride I covered 6.3 miles and burned 550 calories.  It was great and it felt good to break a sweat again. 

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