Saturday, September 25, 2010

I Hear Bells!

Today my baby brother gets married!

I can remember about a decade ago Jared sweetly encouraged me to stop calling my brother Will; Willamina.  He informed me that Will was growing up and I should show him love by not calling him by a girls name.  :)

It's been difficult, but I've managed (for the most part).  Now I call him Woo, but at least it's not feminine. 

Yesterday Thursday I started prepping for the rehearsal dinner.  We had a fiesta and it was soo good.  I made beef enchiladas, white chicken enchiladas, home made salsa and guacamole, re-fried beans, and a beautiful cake for the event.  Erin brought relish trays and creamed corn by the crock pot full.  My mom made cheese con caso and decorated everything in pewter and yellow.

The food went over exceptionally well.  Everyone showered us with thanks, but most importantly I pray Will and Becky received all that hard work as an expression of just how much we love them :)

Will proposed to Becky while on a Harley road trip.  When mom and I were planning this meal she asked if I would make a "Groom's Cake" for the dinner.  I asked for artistic license (please let me do what I want).  I had the perfect idea and it turned out awesome!
Miss Alisa showed up at my house with boys in tow early Friday morning. She and I labored and giggled for hours.  It was such a blessing.  I can't even begin to express how much that meant to me.  She got to see a very "real" side of me :)  While trying to get all the food loaded, kids collected and dressed, we had missing shoes, an indoor cat that escaped outside, an obnoxious beagle, and a disaster of a kitchen.  My Dodge does not currently have AC and due to the massive amount of food and children I needed to transport I had to take it vs the KIA (KIA=TINY).  Before I even left the house my cake began to melt:
I cried out to Alisa as she was loading her own family, "THE CAKE IS MELTING!!!" I ran into the house and grabbed the remaining icing in it's decorator bags (thankfully we didn't clean the kitchen!!).  As I ran back to the van Alisa encouraged me with, "You can fix this!  This even happens on Ace of Cakes!"  Now that it's Saturday morning, that's hilarious :)

I went straight to QT and bought bags of ice and sat the cake on two bags and the melting stopped.  Once at the church I scraped away the melted icing and was able to repair it.  I honestly don't think anyone would have even known.

Now that all the hard work is done, we can just sit back and enjoy today.  I'm so excited for Will and Becky.

Congratulations you two!  We love you both so very much!

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