Monday, September 27, 2010


-I received an email from the Y today.  They are a little behind in getting my paperwork started.  Can't say I mind.  I thanked my new boss for a couple days breather.  I took today off.  No school, no shower, no nothing :).  It's been grand!

-I get my cake and eat it too!  Jared bought a bike several months back.  Since my ankle injury I have been wanting a bike so I can have an alternate workout that won't hurt quite so bad.  Jared picked out one out for me (he's the expert around here) but it had a similar price tag to his.  It's the same bike, but the woman's version.  I've been using one I borrowed from Teri P (thank you Teri!). 

We decided we'd just keep an eye out for "The" bike hoping to find a great deal as the summer ends.  Today I found it!  The perfect bike in the perfect color at the perfect price (about 60% off retail).  The problem is it's in Buckner, Mo.  An individual bought it for their grandmother (?) who never rode it. 

I emailed them and due to the distance, they offered it at a reduced price (!!!!).  I text Cindy C. to see if she wanted to ride along (2 hours round trip).  She just so happened to be working today in Independence and offered to draw money from her savings account, go to a perfect strangers house, and bring the bike home for me.  HELLO!!!  Can you say, "Generous?!" I can't wait to try it out!  THANK YOU CINDY!!!  I was able to stay home and enjoy the rest of my day off!  You rock my face off!

-We had Corbin Y yesterday and today for Brennan's birthday.  He was such a joy to have over.  He was polite, well behaved, and I honestly didn't even notice he was here other than he asked for food once in awhile :)

-I have my mom's rat Yorkie for the week.  Her name is Maisy and the kids are having a ball with her.  She has boundless energy and desires to play fetch 24 hours a day.  With 5 kids, she's in heaven.  Anneliese wanders around the house saying, "Puppy, come ear."  The dog obeys, grabs a toy and gives to Anneliese.  Sis then throws the toy and the cycle starts over.  So cute!

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