Sunday, September 19, 2010

Interview and Race Update

Tomorrow morning is my interview!!!  I'm so excited! 

I called Friday, right after passing my test, and let the director know. 

Using a program on our computer I put together a resume.  That was bizarre.  I work to be a humble person and the purpose of a resume is to inform your possible employer of how awesome you are.  It's awkward and a bit embarrassing.  We've all been in the small group where you are asked to list something about yourself that you love.  I always gave a sideways glance and mumbled, "my hair?" 

Unfortunately, being a redhead won't get me hired at the Y (it so should though). 

I want to tell them how much I fail but am still able to maintain my weight loss due to the fact that I just jump back on track.  Everything I read on google says to present yourself in the best possible light, so admitting failure probably isn't best first impression. 

It's my goal to maintain the same authenticity that I strived for in Weight Watchers.  I am not a beef cake waiting to win my first weight lifting competition.  I'm working daily to maintain a healthy weight so I can be here long term and enjoy my family in the meantime.  Surely there are those in WYCO that want to achieve the same and would appreciate the fact that I love pizza and will still eat it on occasion. 

On another note, my ankle is still hurting.  Last Wednesday I went for a 45 minute training run and apparently put too much stress on my left Achilles tendon.  It's been swollen and sore ever since.  I had a run scheduled for Thursday and went on a bike ride instead.  I thought my ankle would benefit from less impact but even the ride aggravated my injury.  I was due for a 3 hour 15 minute run on Saturday and I had to sit out.  I spent most of yesterday in bed and had difficulty walking.

I'm not sure what this means for my run in October.  I know I've cried a few times over it.  It's difficult to have completed 16 of 19 weeks of training and think I won't be able to run.  I've done the hardest part of the training.  I've been icing, and wrapping it and it is a little better tonight.  Wednesday will be a week since I ran.  If it's not better by then I may have to consider a different race.

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