Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Random Beach Pics

Wendy and I headed out of KCI. I have a really cute picture of her and I outside Richard and Anita's house on my camera that broke :(
This is the tank Jeep we picked up in Orlando and dropped off in Columbus, GA for Danny (Wendy's hubby-to-be).
This is my first glimpse of the beach.  I had the camera out and ready and as soon as it came into sight I took a pic :)
Arriving in Daytona and the famous A1A Beachfront Drive
Our hotel.  We stayed on the 2nd floor right on the corner near the beach.  We had our own little stairs going down onto the sand and a shower to wash the sand off our feet.
Someone was on my mind...

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Alisa said...

looks like lots of fun!! I'm glad you got to see the beach and had a great time!