Monday, August 30, 2010

Home Coming

Home Sweet Home.

When I arrived yesterday evening I was greeted by Tanner first.  He grabbed me around the waist and just snuggled in.  So sweet!

Then Jared charged the door, grabbed me up off the ground and just squeezed me in half for a good 30 seconds.  Once I recovered from his hug I greeted the rest of the babies.  Brennan and Graham were being "cool" and acted as if they hadn't noticed my arrival.  Twerps :)

Anneliese was just waking up from her nap so I recovered her from the crib.  She giggled and kept pointing at me.

My house was clean and my family desperate to see me.  Can't beat that, that's for sure!

If you'll notice my picture taking dwindled as the trip went on.  Our camera broke.  It won't even kinda turn on.  If you'll remember this post about camera envy I've had my eye on a fancy new camera but the price tag was a bit intimidating.  Well, let the saving begin.  With 5 children I really don't want to be without a camera.  Thankfully we have camera phones for now.  With the Mega Pixel being low and not having a flash it's convenient but doesn't take the best pics in my opinion.

I'm impatiently waiting for Wendy to forward all the pics I took on her super cool DSLR.  She was super generous and just let me take tons of pics.  I had a couple people ask for more on the beach pics, but I'm pretty cautious about  posting pics of myself or anyone else in swimsuits.  It really is just glorified underwear.  So, there aren't going to be any bathing beauties shots :)  I'll have more to share as soon as she figures out how to send massive amount of data via email on a windows machine (it's so incredibly simple on a Mac, just saying).

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Eat, Fart and Bark said...

Some thoughts for you. First, welcome back. I'm glad you had a great, safe trip. Two, your visit to Homeschool Apologist might get my blog added to their post. Cool. You are doing a great job homeschooling. Don't ever doubt it,if you do - just give me a call. I had to call my mentor in Oklahoma for a boost this weekend.
Question, what running program are you following? You might have told me and C.B. hit (chemo brain), I don't remember. Hugs.