Saturday, August 28, 2010

Running On the Beach

I got up this morning and headed out for my training run. It was such a beautiful morning. I was supposed to run 2 hours 45 min. Wendy thought I was brave for attempting my run on new terrain.

I ran 2 hours (12 miles or so) and had to stop. I was getting sun scorched. It was an amazing experience. I'll finish up the other 45 this evening in Georgia.

Running in sand is easier in some regards. The hills of KC offer more of a challenge but the sand of the beach is an entirely different challenge.

I typically wear a camel back during long runs so having water available only at specific points was really difficult.

This is me right before I headed out.  As fatiguing as it was, it was an incredible blessing to watch the sun rise as I ran and also pick up beautiful shells for the boys along the way.

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