Thursday, August 19, 2010

Running Barefoot-ish

These are my new running "shoes."

Vibram Five Fingers are a...well they are for...I bought them because...

Just watch this:

When I first heard about running barefoot I was super intrigued like I mentioned before. I like the idea of running how God created us to.

This morning was my first run. I bought my Vibrams off eBay and got a great deal on them. I was proactive and went to the running store and was fitted for them before I started shopping. I wanted to make sure I got the right size since they are not US sizes. The problem is they are all handmade and each pair varies slightly. The pair I tried on at the store fit great. The ones I actually own feel short. I am very aware of the ends of my toes. That is a WEIRD feeling.

The good news is they are very sought after and I know that if I need to sell them on eBay in order to get a larger size I won't have any trouble.

As far as running this am, it was very different. My left foot (the one I broke last year) was actually pretty sore during the run. There is still some weakness apparently. I have blisters on the balls of both feet. Saturday I'll wear my normal running shoes and then try these again on Monday. You're supposed to work into them gradually.

They sure are goofy looking but if I can alleviate knee pain and reduce risk of injury AND save money on sneakers I'm game!

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