Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Elijah on 2 Wheels!

Jared and I bought Elijah a big beautiful red bike when our old bikes went missing. He has been super intimidated by it so my mom picked up a smaller one with training wheels at a garage sale. He's been riding it for a while now. I noticed a few weeks ago that he is really balancing well and not relying on the trainers. I couldn't convince him to get on his shiny new bike but he was willing to remove the training wheels off the smaller bike. I held him up briefly and he just rode off!! My favorite part was him saying, "I wish Daddy was here!!" He asked me to call him home. Knowing how busy Jared is preparing for Wednesday night church starting tomorrow night, I offered to video it and then call Dad. Eli was so proud to share his news.

We called Daddy and Eli was able to talk to him while he watched the video I sent him via text (how awesome is technology?!!!). Elijah was grinning ear to ear and said, "It would be funny if you called Dad home and he came thinking he had to punish me but really it was good news. Wouldn't that be funny?"

Poor kid has had a rough go lately making good choices. It is so precious to see him have a great day and obviously feel so proud of himself.

Man, I love my brown bear :)


The NeNe said...

That's my "We-Jah"!! Tell him NeNe is tickled with him! B wasn't this young when he two-wheeled it, was he? If so, tell Eli that he holds the record so far. Great job Eli!!!

J Mitchell said...

Aww...what a sweetie!