Thursday, August 12, 2010

Random Hot Topics

-Got Cheese?  My kids have made up a new game.  I'm not real sure what it is other than I have been told more than once that I have the "cheese touch?"  Apparently Cheese touch is much like tag and once you have it you must pass it on.  The trick?  If your fingers are crossed you cannot receive the dreaded cheese touch.  They are so goofy.  My absolute favorite is Graham announcing, "cross your thingers (fingers)!!  Mommy has du cheese touch!"

-Our Y membership has expired but due to the high heat index we were able to with the Coker's this morning and swim for free.  We swam for nearly 2 hours and the kids had a great time.

-I'm still studying away and have finished chapter 12 and plan to complete 13 (out of 18) this evening.  The last few chapters are much shorter than the beginning and I'm making quick progress.  I was hoping to test on Aug 28th and regardless of whether I'll be ready or not study wise, we can't afford it yet.  It's $250 to test and with school materials and such it's just going to have to wait.

-I ordered the remainder of our school books.  We have been so blessed, the cost of school for this year is minor (about 1/10th) compared to what it would have been if we had to just order it all outright.  The Lord knew what we could afford and He's provided.  I'm eager to get started simply for the routine of it.  Summer freedom is fun, but schedule and consistency brings peace in a household like ours.

-The boys are desperate for cooler weather.  Let me rephrase that, my kids need to burn some energy outside.  They are teaming with unspent energy and are driving each other and their mother crazy.  I heard a rumor Saturday is bringing cooler weather.  YAY

-Anneliese had a baby doll in her stroller.  She walked around to the front of the stroller and said, "Hi, Baby!"  She said it so sweet and loving and then she picked up the baby, put it up to her shoulder and started patting her back.  Girls are so different.

-Week 9 is coming to an end in my marathon training.  Week 10 starts Monday and I'm still plugging away.  I was sick with a super bad chest cold last week and sat out on 2 of my runs.  Apparently I lost my momentum with that break.  I've had a hard time wanting to get going again.  Thankfully, I've refused to let that stop me.  It would be rather defeating to come this far and quit.  I'm running about 25 miles a week and I am eager for the Fall weather.  I really think cool weather will bring renewal.  This humidity in and of itself is exhausting.

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Alisa said...

Ahhh, the cheese touch. It comes from diary of a wimpy kid. It's like a REALLY bad case of the cooties, at least in the movie.

I had a feeling the Lord would provide for your curriculum. What a blessing.