Saturday, July 17, 2010

Running, Training, Testing, Determination

This morning ended week 7 of my 19 week training schedule.  I was to run a hour and forty-five minutes.  Whew, that's a long time.  It was kinda funny because as I was running I got tickled by a few things.

-About a hour and ten minutes into the run a house along 123rd had a stone in their yard with their name on it.  Their name is "Long."  I just chuckled and thought, "Ugh, no kidding!!"

-In the last mile as my legs began to quiver I saw a large white pick up truck with personal tags that read, "Will Power."  Yes, I do believe it takes some serious will power and I am thankful to say that I accomplished my goal.

I ran 9.45 miles and when I finally came to the end my body swayed left and right while my legs shook.  It was a weird sensation but something I assume I will revisit soon.

I have begun studying through my books for Personal Training Cert.  It has been 13 years since I graduated Paramedic at MSSC.  That's a really long time ago :)  It's a lot harder to study with 5 little people vying for attention.

This is no longer just an idea.  There is a deadline and money has been invested.  I purchased my books and yesterday signed up and paid for my CPR/AED certification.  The class is on the 30th and the soonest I can take the PT Test is mid August.  The cost just for taking the test is $250 so I have to be prepared.  There are 18 chapters all approx 30 pages each of in depth, mind numbing detail.  It took me around 3.5 hours just to make it through the first chapter (taking notes, writing out 46 vocabulary words, and completing the study guide).

I know that the test is 150 multiple choice and 2 essay but what will or won't they include?  The information is exhaustive.  Thankfully I have a sample test provided produced by ACE that was included in my books. 

Needless to say I'm a bit intimidated.  In order to take the test in August I have to consume and retain a chapter every day and a half.  Remember the husband, 5 kids, dog, cats, house, and minister's wife duties that already crowded my plate :)?

I can and will do it.  This will help our family significantly and if God is going to open all these doors I can promise you I will not be the reason it doesn't succeed.  Just keep all this in mind over the next 6 weeks if you need me to do you a favor :)  It may just have to wait.

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