Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Baby Shower Fun

I apologize that I haven't posted any pics in several posts! I was on a roll of posting at least something with some color in it for each post. It was a kind of reward for coming back and reading my goofiness. Unfortunately my busyness has taken over.

Alisa and I had a baby shower for Jenny H. last Sunday. It was a whole lotta pink and a whole lotta fun :) Her baby girl will be here in less than a week (scheduled c-section)!! I'm desperate for the name of the female Haggerty. GIVE IT TO ME :) Here's a picture of the cake I made for the event:
When trying to find affordable decoration ideas I found this on Martha Stewart Baby:
I love them and they are super easy and super cheap. I'm sure I'll be making these for Anneliese's birthdays to come. We hung several balloon daisies from the ceiling. Her colors were pink and green with butterflies!

As a center piece I put together four flower pots. I just used foam and small dowel rods. I painted the rods green and covered the foam with peat moss. Once I had them somewhat arranged the boys and I adorned them with 4 different packages of hair accessories. There are clips, headbands, and hair ties all over these little pots. After the shower we dismantled the pots and sent Jenny home with a baggie full of hair ties for her sweet girl.
Here are a couple areal views of everyone enjoying fellowship and cake :)
Come Quickly Sweet Baby!!! We are desperate to snuggle you!!

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