Saturday, July 17, 2010

Quick Study Update

After working through the 2nd chapter (yes, only the 2nd) I felt defeated.

It's just so much information. 

I LOVE the internet.  More specifically, I love Google.  I googled, "Overwhelmed by ACE Personal Trainer Manual" and found an entire forum of people going through (or just came out of) my exact situation.

What an encouragement to hear them say that the first three chapters are the most difficult and often detour people from continuing towards their certification.  It really is an encouragement simply because I now know that it's not going to get progressively harder.

There were great tips and even suggested supplemental books (one of which I got for FREE on paperbackswap, Thanks Christi!).

One woman just finished her test and gave a list of 13 "must know" topics.  What a relief.  I can do it!!

Please pray for my family as I work through this.  It is taking a lot of Mommy's time and energy.  The kids may end up working on some school work over the next couple weeks just so there is some quiet in the house.  All of us can sit down and work on our studies together.


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